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Mesa Specifics

This is our personal teaching schedule in Mesa (you can download the whole Mesa Brochure by clicking here!)  I've also compiled a map showing some local places to stay.  You can access that by clicking here!

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Hurd’s Mesa Schedule:Oct 29, 2017 – Mar 31, 2018

See Monthly calendar for specific dances



Type & Notes


Holiday break Dec 15th – Jan 5th  

Sun (MV or LW)


Phase 3-5
(watch dates & locations)

 Start Oct 29, 2017

Halloween Dance (click for flyer)

w/Bill & Carol Goss

Mon (GV)


Ph 6
(9:30 - 10:00 6+)

Start Oct 30, 2017

Teach of Ph 6 dances with some dance practice time

Mon (GV)


Phase 3/4/5

Start Oct 30, 2017
Full teach of 4 or 5 Dance with emphasis on technique

Tues (MV)


Phase 5/6

Start Oct 31, 2017

Full teach of 5/6 Dance

Wed (LW)


Ph 5/6

Start Nov 1, 2017
Teach of 5+ or 6 dance with some dance practice time

Wed (GV)


Social Dance Class

Click for Flyer

And want a place to go strut your new found abilities?


or for more opportunities, check out this comprehensive list of dance locations in Mesa:  http://www.dancinginmesa.com/

Start Nov 1, 2017
Waltz & Cha

Suggestions/Requests are appreciated


A 7 week session - progressing in difficulty

Thurs (MV)


Phase 4/5/6

Start Nov 2, 2017
Phase 4/5/6 Basics Clinic with approximately an hour on the selected rhythm
Waltz will be the Focus Rhythm for this Season & we'll also do our You Asked For It session too

Thurs (GV)


Ph 4/5/6 – 11/2, 11/16, 11/30,
Ph 5/6
11/9, 12/7

Phase 4-6 will Start Nov 2, 2017
Phase 5/6 will Start Nov 9, 2017

Annual Holiday Dance – Thurs – Dec 14th

Make sure to attend our special Holiday Dance!!! 

Prizes, gifts, & a video of the event for all the attendees!!!


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